Godex Ranked in the Top 5% of the Corporate Governance Award Competition 3 years in a Row

GoDEX’s excellent management effort and team performance has been recognized by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation three years in a row.

  Corporate Governance Award is given to companies based on five indicators, which are "Protection of Shareholders' Equity (15%)", "Equitable Treatment of Shareholders (15%)","Board Composition and Operation (35%)", "Information Transparency (20%)", and "Protection of Stakeholder Interests and Corporate Social Responsibility (15%)".

  There were around 600 listed companies, at the over-the-counter market, that were nominated for this award, however, only a few companies, that stand out, can receive this honor. This award is a result of every hard-working employee of GoDEX. We truly appreciate this recognition and take pride in our team spirit. We definitely intend to continue to innovate and provide the best service possible to our customers and stakeholders!


GoDEX Team

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